Thursday, January 7, 2010

Paris Cell Phone or iPod Case

I found this super cute case for an iPod or cell phone at Etsy, one of my favorite places online.

These cases are great because it can hook on a handbag strap so, you can easily get to your phone when it's ringing.  Especially if you are like me and your handbag is just a dark pit filled with stuff, stuff and more stuff.

The case is also lined in fleece to keep your cell phone or iPod Touch safe from scratches.

I also really like that you can hook it to your belt loop so, on the go you don't need to carry a purse and with the little front pocket you can store a debit card and your driver's license.

You notice too that the top isn't completely closed so you can still string your ear buds out the top without having to have it open.

This cute case and others can be found at


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