Sunday, January 3, 2010

Prepaid Cell Phone Plans for Teens & Tweens

A great reason to consider prepaid or pay as you go cell phone plans for your children is to make sure that your teen doesn't run up a bill that turns out to be a very unpleasant surprise. I admit I found out the hard way with our oldest daughter about that unpleasant suprise. Sadly that next birthday all she got was a card with T-Mobile and a smiley face written on the inside.

This past Christmas my husband and I went on a mission comparing prepaid cell phone plans so that we could get another one of our children a cell phone.

We compared all the big prepaid and pay as you go cell phones. Boost, T-Mobile, AT&T, you name it and we looked into it. I bet we spent at least 10 long hours researching. We found the best deal of all came from Metro PCS. We had to buy a phone, but it came with a rebate, and it included the first month of service.

The biggest problem we found with the pay as you go phones (the kind you buy minutes for) was that it would charge the account for every text message and minute used. It could turn out very costly if you have a teen or tween that can text faster than they can talk!

Metro PCS includes unlimited texting and no limit on minutes! So it was pretty much a no brainer.

Bottom line if you are shopping for a cell phone for your child, I feel Metro PCS pay as you go is the best deal. No contracts, no limits! The only draw back was that it does cost extra for phones with data, like a Blackberry. I'm no expert but I guess data equates to internet activity.

I hope I saved you a couple of hours in your quest!

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